Abu Dhabi International School (AIS) is a private, coeducational K-12 day school licensed by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. Mrs. Jihan Nasr founded the school in 1992 as part of her mission to provide excellence in education. AIS is home to 4000 students from over 60 nationalities and caters to the needs of all student learning needs, reserving 5% to students to special needs and learning difficulties. The AIS curriculum emphasizes the individual students needs while preparing them to be life long learners. This strategy has gained AIS a reputation for successfully developing students with learning difficulties and disabilities through a well-structured Special Education Department.

In addition to its multiple rewarding academic programs; AIS is reputed for its personal approach, fostering a “familial atmosphere” promoting the active participation of parents, students and staff members. From its inception parents, students, and staff have fostered a perennial sense of commitment to the school and community- a commitment celebrated for over 25 years as a leading educational institution.

To ensure the highest quality education AIS provides its students the opportunity to progress within the American (core curriculum, AP), the British (IGCSE and A-Levels) or the International Baccalaureate (IBDP) programs. The curriculums offered coupled with innovative teaching has culminated in student acceptances at top tier international institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Sorbonne of France, as well as, regional universities in Lebanon, Egypt, and the UAE. AIS prides itself on the outstanding performance of its students in external examinations and assessments: including ACT, AP, A-levels, IGCSE, TOEFL, SAT, SAT Subjects Tests and the IB Diploma Program, as well as other achievement tests.

Abu Dhabi International School is also an authorized testing center of :

  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
  • Advanced Supplementary (AS) and Advanced Level (A-Level) Examinations
  • SAT, SAT Subject Tests (formally SATII), PSAT, and Advanced Placement (AP) examinations
  • ACT Assessment Test
  • IB Diploma Programm

“We honor quality and enable students to perform at their highest level of ability”

AIS strives towards leading an effective professional learning community, to provide a high quality education that prepares students to be responsible citizens. We are committed to empowering our students to think critically, communicate effectively, and live innovatively to enrich their lives.

Our approach is based on valuing all stakeholders; including our staff, our parents and our students. Through communication we are able to adapt and grow as a community and constantly explore new methods of improving the learning process. In partnership with families and the community, our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities for students that help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character necessary to succeed.


To support all students in attaining their full potential in personal development and active citizenship by providing the foundation for life long learning through excellence in education.


At AIS, we believe in recognizing students’ specific needs, interests and talents to provide them with the opportunities that match their individual abilities and guide them to their full potential. We believe in promoting the welfare of students with special education needs through customized support programs geared towards intellectual, physical and social development.

We endeavor to establish a strong home-school partnerships and a three-way relationship with the school, parents, and community in order to achieve our shared mission of fostering active citizenship and developing good habits of character, global awareness and cultural appreciation.

By nurturing students beyond the classroom, we promote learning as a lifelong endeavor and develop the creativity and innovative mindset that are the core of tomorrows decision makers. Through continuously engaging in quality control and improvement strategies, our educational programs and professional practice match an ever evolving global worldview.

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